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I think I'm about done, here

2017-03-04 13:14:57 by mothballs

After being here for over 11 years, I've had enough.

Let me be very clear to you, @Piemix is my twin brother's account, NOT MY ALT. I was sure this was established a while ago when we both signed up...apparently not.

Anyway, my brother was posting some stupid shit on the BBS and got banned for it. Then @Malachy jumped to the conclusion that it was my alt, and banned ME for a week for it. I very politely private messaged him to tell him that and remind him that he banned me unjustly for no reason, and no response.

How do you recklessly ban somebody like that and not even have the decency to check you private messages for days afterwards?

I messaged Tom about it, and no response there either. Because apparently this site is so busy now where Tom's PM box is loaded with messages that he can't even get to, right? ...*crickets*

As slow as the site has become I really did think things were different than the the past, the mods used to give out bans like candy for no reason and made up their own rules, and none of the admins regulated it. That's doesn't seem to have changed, in fact, it's a lot worse. Giving a ban to someone because you ASSUME an account is someone's alt with no proof whatsoever, and not even giving me a chance to provide proof of the matter?

Is this really how NG likes to treat its loyal veterans? I didn't want to see this site go under so I was going to become a supporter and donate a good chunk. That's not happening anymore. It seems like everyone who runs the site is just accepting its fate at this point. They'll treat users like me unjustly and yet they'll continuously let a 15 year old like NightRaid-NG +1 spam all over the BBS after posting stolen things in the audio and art portal that's putting this site into an even bigger financial crisis.

If all of you are wondering why I'm so upset about a ban on NG and "haha you have no life", know that this isn't about not being able to post. I can live with not using NG for a week, I'm not that much of a loser. It's the principle that matters. I don't deserve to be treated like shit for something I didn't do by reckless, unprofessional moderators that jump to conclusions and aren't even regulated by the site's administrators.

So, after almost 11 and a half years contributing to this site, I think I'm done here. Feel free to shitpost whatever you want in the comment section for good measure, because this site isn't getting a penny from me or any of my activity/contributions.


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2017-03-04 13:36:25

Bye, we will surely [not] miss you

mothballs responds:

ha, n00b