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Why does everyone suck?

2012-12-21 04:32:15 by mothballs

I was going to make a thread about this, but I didn't really feel like it.

Anyway, why does the entire human race just completely suck? It doesn't seem to matter where an individual comes from, what kind of person they are, etc. Everyone just seems to be a complete selfish prick that doesn't care what anyone else has to say unless they have something to offer. It sickens me to see people like this achieve, and I see it all the time.


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2012-12-21 07:28:46

I don't think you can say that everyone is like that. Every person is different. You can't expect people to react like that. In fact, you can't expect anything from them.

mothballs responds:

I didn't mean everyone, I meant most people. I dunno man. I'm very frustrated at my social life, I feel like people just can't accept me. Everything seems to suck after high school.


2012-12-21 07:42:01

like what angry computer said not everyones the same! there are some awesome people out there who arent too selfish... i mean i try my best to help everyone i can... even if it gets me, killed! im far from selfish. although i agree i hate people who are too cocky about themselves and act like they rule the damn world.

mothballs responds:

People like you are awesome. What I had also told angrycomputer I will tell you - I didn't mean to make it seem like everyone was this way, but it just seems like most people are. Meh, my head is all over the place, I really don't think about things the right way...


2012-12-21 08:37:01

Are you in college? If you are, I'd say that you need to get drunk more. If you graduated high school and ur not in school anymore, welcome to the fucking real world, my friend. You're at par for the course. Why the fuck do you think real friends are so fuckin important?

mothballs responds:

Yes, I'm in college, and no I don't drink. I don't need to poison myself and ruin my physique just for the sake of being more outgoing. I do think real friends are important, yes. I'd actually like to have a social life.


2012-12-21 09:02:58

agree with u it's a hateful world , deal with it

mothballs responds:




2012-12-21 09:23:50

@SenatorJohnDean Why do you think you can solve this problem with liquid?

mothballs responds:



2012-12-22 20:14:02

SJD is an ass, drinking won't solve your real life problem.

Actually if you compare humans to other animals, we are much less selfish.

mothballs responds:

well animals suck then too


2012-12-26 20:39:19

Maybe your standards for the human race are too high.

mothballs responds:

I don't expect everyone to be nice, but the majority of people are selfish assholes. And believe me, at this point I expect everyone I come across to suck.


2013-01-01 20:45:32

I try to not be like that. Sometimes I succeed.

mothballs responds:

It seems the only real way to deal with people is by being a dick


2013-01-02 13:32:48

I've found alternatives can work just as well if not better, it all depends on the person.

mothballs responds:

True I guess. I struggle to find alternatives that work as well and make me feel as good though.


2013-01-07 10:49:19

I think of myself as selfish, in a good way. I see nothing wrong with it. I take care of myself first. I really don't see how you can take care of others if you don't take care of yourself first. I'm also very caring and helpful and respectful. My work has consisted of working with autistic children and small children so I definitely am giving and caring.
I think there are lots of shitty people but also lots of really good people out there.

mothballs responds:

We are all selfish in one way or another, it's the natural human tendency. I just don't believe in being selfish and being mean to others in the process because people don't give a shit so much that other people come last.

And yeah I think I gotta look out for the nicer people and stop generalizing so much...


2013-01-16 04:20:35

I've had an opposite experience with people lately; every act of kindness or friendliness on my part has been for the most part returned by almost every person, friend or stranger, who I have interacted with. I don't know why people have seemed so nice lately, seeing as how not too long ago my general feelings about people nearly mirrored yours. Maybe it's because I'm growing my hair out..

mothballs responds:

Interesting, I had hair down to the bottom of my chest a few months ago and once I shaved it people starting hating me. Maybe I'm superstitious, I dunno. I guess it must be normal for people in college to look at each other with blood in their eyes. IT'S A PRISON A TELL YOU


2013-01-16 17:11:52


mothballs responds:

great band


2013-01-16 19:12:48

Maybe you're projecting how much you suck on other people?

mothballs responds:

True, I guess it pisses people off when they know I don't suck at all in any way