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Back to college in about a week

2013-01-17 02:45:26 by mothballs

Which means I won't be around as much for you disgusting parasites of human beings to view my posts and the few other things I do on this site.

Don't worry, if you're cool you know who you are.

Back to college in about a week


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2013-01-17 03:28:26

I know who I am, so, thanks.


2013-01-17 04:38:10

lol, I was about ti give the same comment as Tribal


2013-01-17 12:21:03

I would like to use those claws to grab your dick.

mothballs responds:

I'll take that as a compliment, assuming you weren't making an unfunny cock joke that a 10-year-old would find funny.


2013-01-17 21:58:31

Here's hoping that you fail every class.

mothballs responds:

Nearly did that last semester, this one I'll be making some changes. Good luck with your wishes, though.


2013-02-03 01:08:56

People like you never change.

(Updated ) mothballs responds:

You know me huh?


2013-02-06 01:27:24

More than you realize kid.

mothballs responds:

That's a little weird. I feel slightly uncomfortable now...


2013-02-08 11:01:39

You should be, kid. You should be.

mothballs responds:



2013-03-22 09:05:17

Good luck! I can't load the picture so I don't know if it's related or not. Sure you'll do well.

mothballs responds:

Thanks a bunch man! It's been going great so far.


2013-06-08 23:15:32

Am I who I think I am?

mothballs responds:

yes, you're one of the few cool ones remaining, don't worry